Contact us

KBT Competence Center

Sorgenfriveien 9,

7031 Trondheim

+47 73 84 23 75

KBT Vocational school

Sorgenfriveien 9,

7031 Trondheim

+47 973 41 833

GLIMT Recoverycenter

Søbstadvegen 2,

7088 Heimdal

+47 929 92 150

Visit KBT?

We are situated at Sorgenfri in Trondheim.

The closest bus stop is Bratsbergveien. Several city and regional buses stop here.

Parking is right outside, or in the parking garage Trondheimsporten. Both Trondheim parking.

Visit GLIMT Recoverycenter?

We are situated close to Heimdal station, in the same building as Heimdal blomster (2nd floor).

The closest bus stop is Heimdal station, bus 1 and 2 stop here. You can also travel by train to Heimdal station.

We have free parking outside.