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Fasade Jarleveien 10 (bilde brukt med tillatelse fra Byggindustri)

Housing people with substance abuse problems – KBT has evaluated the residents experiences in Jarleveien 10

By Silje Margrethe Jørgensen | 23. July 2021

In this user asks user survey, we have asked the residents of Jarleveien 10 how they experience living there.

Girl on mountain top (image)

RECOVERY – Mary Leamy share her thoughts on the CHIME project

By Silje Margrethe Jørgensen | 23. July 2021

Mary Leamy from King´s College London share her thoughts on the CHIME project – where we are doing research about recovery processes

Utsnitt av forsiden til rapport om legemiddelfri behandling (bilde). Tekst på bildet: Legemiddelfri behandling - mitt liv, mitt valg! Bruker spør Bruker-evaluering av de legemiddelfrie behandlingstilbudene i fire helseregioner.

Report – Drug-free Mental Health Services in Norway

By Silje Margrethe Jørgensen | 22. July 2021

In 2020, we published our evaluation of the drug-free mental health services in Norway.

Rektor Karl Johan ved KBT Fagskole(bilde)

The first students at KBT Vocational School have graduated – a milestone!

By Silje Margrethe Jørgensen | 24. June 2021

A great milestone has been reached for KBT Vocational School. The first class ever at the school has completed their last exam.

Karl Johan Johansen (image)

The CHIME project – International collaboration with King’s College London

By Silje Margrethe Jørgensen | 27. January 2021

We proudly announce that we are formally collaborating about the CHIME project with Dr Mary Leamy at King´s College London.

Scene from a lecture at KBT vocation school (image)

KBT vocational school halfway through the first semester

By Silje Margrethe Jørgensen | 12. November 2020

Almost one year after KBT got accredited vocational school education, our first class is just about to complete their first exam, and what a journey it has been!

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The first vocational school for peer support in Norway

By Dagfinn Bjørgen | 31. March 2020

During fall 2019, the Competence center for lived experience and service development (KBT) got accredited vocational school education.

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Userperspective in examination form at NTNU

By Dagfinn Bjørgen | 30. March 2020

The Department of Mental Health at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at NTNU, Higher Education and Master of Mental Health Work, has since 2016 collaborated with the Competence Center for User Experience and Service Development (KBT) on exams

Logo of Glimt Recoverysenter (image)

GLIMT recovery center and School established in Trondheim

By Dagfinn Bjørgen | 30. March 2020

The center has inspiration from the CHIME model (Leamy M. et al) and building a center that shall meet the needs of people with psychiatric health challenges or also drug addiction. The center shall be an arena for culture statement I various forms, shall be key identity a connection builder. To create music and poems…

Illustration photo

Visit from Canada

By anne.plathe | 13. June 2019

April 15th and 16th, Gillian Mulvale from Canada visited us at KBT to talk about the project “Canada-Norway Research Collaboration on Operationalizing Experience-Drive Innovation through Integration of Peer Support in Health Systems”.