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Bilde av prosjektgruppa - erfaringsmedarbeidere i demensomsorg

Pilot: Peer Support Workers in dementia care

By Silje Margrethe Jørgensen | 9. November 2022

The last year we have been running a pilot project with peer supporters in dementia care. Preliminary results are promising, and we now got funding to carry on a while longer.

Naturbilde av stille vann med skog i høstfarger

Norwegian association for outdoor therapy

By Silje Margrethe Jørgensen | 8. July 2022

The last 2 years, KBT have been involved in different projects regarding outdoor therapy: Courses, resource groups and a new association

Bilde av en gruppe mennesker

2 years educating Peer Support Workers 

By Silje Margrethe Jørgensen | 7. July 2022

In 2020, KBT Vocational School started a brand-new education for Peer Support Workers in Norway. Together with the students we have learned a lot.Now we’re looking forward to meeting a new group in August.

Bilde av en eldre og en yngre mann som snakker sammen

Peer Supporters in dementia Care

By Silje Margrethe Jørgensen | 4. May 2022

Erasmus + | In this project we seek to find out how peer supporter can function in dementia care, together with partners from Greece, Romania and Italy

Illustrasjonsbilde BERSE

New project – social entrepreneurship in rural areas

By Silje Margrethe Jørgensen | 23. February 2022

When the support of society and authorities is perceived to no longer be sufficient, many local communities place their hope in initiatives from local, social entrepreneurs. Now the differences and similarities in social entrepreneurship in Sweden, Norway, Scotland and Ireland will be studied.

Karl Johan Johansen (image)

KBT Vocational School in Erasmus+ Project

By Silje Margrethe Jørgensen | 5. January 2022

KBT Vocational School has started their first Erasmus+ project with partners from Central Greece, Spain, Germany, Poland and Norway. Smart Business For All aims to give migrants tools to start their own businesses in their new country.

Fasade Jarleveien 10 (bilde brukt med tillatelse fra Byggindustri)

Housing people with substance abuse problems – KBT has evaluated the residents experiences in Jarleveien 10

By Silje Margrethe Jørgensen | 23. July 2021

In this user asks user survey, we have asked the residents of Jarleveien 10 how they experience living there.

Girl on mountain top (image)

RECOVERY – Mary Leamy shares her thoughts on the CHIME project

By Silje Margrethe Jørgensen | 23. July 2021

Mary Leamy from King´s College London share her thoughts on the CHIME project – where we are doing research about recovery processes

Utsnitt av forsiden til rapport om legemiddelfri behandling (bilde). Tekst på bildet: Legemiddelfri behandling - mitt liv, mitt valg! Bruker spør Bruker-evaluering av de legemiddelfrie behandlingstilbudene i fire helseregioner.

Report – Drug-free Mental Health Services in Norway

By Silje Margrethe Jørgensen | 22. July 2021

In 2020, we published our evaluation of the drug-free mental health services in Norway.

Rektor Karl Johan ved KBT Fagskole(bilde)

The first students at KBT Vocational School have graduated – a milestone!

By Silje Margrethe Jørgensen | 24. June 2021

A great milestone has been reached for KBT Vocational School. The first class ever at the school has completed their last exam.