Outdoor therapy | Cooperation about course and network

A cooperation with KORUS, NAPHA and Medvandrerne. Increase awareness and the usefulness of outdoor therapy as a good method for therapy/treatment and coping

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THE RECOVERY CHANNEL – Movie screening April 16th

Welcome to a unique movie experience! THE RECOVERY CHANNEL is shown at Nova Cinema in
Trondheim with a visit from director Ellen Ugelstad and a panel discussion after the film.

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User Involvement for Improved Services to Minority Youth

KBT partners with the InvolveMENT project at the University of Stavanger to enhance health services for minority youth by integrating their cultural perspectives into ung.no’s health information. The project prioritizes user participation and includes minority youth as co-researchers to ensure services cater to diverse needs.

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User Participation Resource Group

KBT has partnered with LPP, RiO, Mental Helse, and A-Larm to form a resource group to reinforce user participation in mental health and substance abuse services. The group aims to develop and offer educational resources and seminars to enhance user and relative involvement in service development and implementation.

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There is Almost Always Room for Involvement

The “Room for Involvement” project, led by Juni Raak Høiseth and supported by Stiftelsen Dam, aims to enhance user participation in mental health services for children and youth. It focuses on collaborative solution-finding between healthcare staff and youths, incorporating their insights into a guide for practitioners to be published in 2024. The project has engaged minority and transgender youth in dialogue to tailor interventions and services to diverse needs.

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Recovery-promoting Activity at GLIMT Recovery Center – A Look Back at 2022

GLIMT Recovery Center in Trondheim provides a community space for those over 18 seeking a meaningful life, offering a range of recovery-oriented activities like music, improv theatre, and art based on participant interests. Activities at GLIMT in 2022, have shown positive effects on individuals’ confidence and psychosocial growth.

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Peer support workers in the dementia care, can contribute to letting people stay longer at home

The pilot project with peer support workers in dementia care, seems to have many good effects

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Human rights on the timetable at KBT Vocational School

At KBT Vocational School, human rights are one of the many topics covered in teaching. A while ago KBT and KBT Vocational School had a visit from Mette Ellingsdalen from WSO (We Shall Overcome).

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Positive experiences with Flexible Assertive Community Treatment (FACT)

Several surveys show that there is a need for better mental health services for children and young people. Including many of KBT’s previous projects and surveys, for example My voice matters. In the ongoing project Room for user involvement, it appears that young people have a great desire for the treatment to also be provided…

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Pilot: Peer Support Workers in dementia care

The last year we have been running a pilot project with peer supporters in dementia care. Preliminary results are promising, and we now got funding to carry on a while longer.

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We build bridges between lived experience and professional knowledge

KBT works to ensure that service users' and patients' voices are listened to, both in research and development of health- and welfare services. Lived experience is just as important as academic and professional knowledge. Through equality and dialogue we want to create better conditions for people facing life challenges.

KBT is divided into

KBT Competence Center

We evaluate health- and socialservices. We conduct research on the basis of service users' premises.

KBT Vocational School

The path to work and education. We educate peer workers.

GLIMT Recoverysenter

A meeting place at Heimdal. A community. A meaningful everyday life.

We offer

Peer Asks Peer

People that have used health services are taught how to conduct focus groups. They interview service users about their views and experiences. A report is created based on findings, and both service users and employees of the service meet at a dialogue conference to discuss and find solutions.


KBT mainly conducts qualitative research. We are the lead or co-lead of several ongoing research projects. Please contact us for possible research collaborations, or if you want advice on how to include co-researchers in your project. 

Lectures and webinars

We offer lectures and webinars about service user involvement, substance abuse issues, mental health work, ethics and other related subjects. We can also present our research and evaluations. 

Lectures can be customized. We are well versed in hosting webinars.

Service user innovation

We create arenas where service users can bring forward ideas and suggestions. We create service user pannels to facilitate discussions about issues regarding services. We often do this in combination with Peer Asks Peer. 


We offer different courses to enable and empower service users, relatives, health care workers, peer workers and service user representatives. 

User involvement in research

Peer Support Specialist – experience as a profession

Process manager - User interviews user

Dialogue meetings in municipalities

We visit municipalities in Central Norway. We facilitate conversations about recovery and service user involvement. A conversation across the table can be a step in the right direction towards better collaboration between the lived experience and professional perspective. 



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Service user involvement - a human right

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