The CHIME project – International collaboration with King’s College London

We proudly announce that we are formally collaborating about the CHIME project with Dr Mary Leamy at King´s College London.

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We’re updating our website – will soon be up and running again

After moving our website from to, some work still remains on our english sites. We appreciate your patience.

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KBT vocational school halfway through the first semester

Almost one year after KBT got accredited vocational school education, our first class is just about to complete their first exam, and what a journey it has been!

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The first vocational school for peer support in Norway

During fall 2019, the Competence center for lived experience and service development (KBT) got accredited vocational school education.

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Userperspective in examination form at NTNU

The Department of Mental Health at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at NTNU, Higher Education and Master of Mental Health Work, has since 2016 collaborated with the Competence Center for User Experience and Service Development (KBT) on exams

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GLIMT recovery center and School established in Trondheim

The center has inspiration from the CHIME model (Leamy M. et al) and building a center that shall meet the needs of people with psychiatric health challenges or also drug addiction. The center shall be an arena for culture statement I various forms, shall be key identity a connection builder. To create music and poems…

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Visit from Canada

April 15th and 16th, Gillian Mulvale from Canada visited us at KBT to talk about the project “Canada-Norway Research Collaboration on Operationalizing Experience-Drive Innovation through Integration of Peer Support in Health Systems”.

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Drug-free recovery?

We hereby publish the first report in the User Interviews User-evaluation of the implementation of drug-free mental health care services.

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Recovery as a concept can be understood in different ways. It can be described as a model, paradigm, phenomenon, philosophy, ideology, approach, tool and/or a field of knowledge based on experience

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The road to recovery from eating disorders – What was helpful? Report from a User Interviews User-survey

We have the great pleasure of sharing our newly published report, which we hope will contribute to increased understanding and knowledge about recovery from eating disorders in a service user perspective.

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We build bridges between lived experience and professional knowledge

KBT works to ensure that service users' and patients' voices are listened to, both in research and development of health- and welfare services. Lived experience is just as important as academic and professional knowledge. Through equality and dialogue we want to create better conditions for people facing life challenges.

KBT is divided into

KBT Competence Center

We evaluate health- and socialservices. We conduct research on the basis of service users' premises.

KBT Vocational School

The path to work and education. We educate peer workers.

GLIMT Recoverysenter

A meeting place at Heimdal. A community. A meaningful everyday life.


A creative space for young people between 15-20 years old.

We offer

Peer Asks Peer

People that have used health services are taught how to conduct focus groups. They interview service users about their views and experiences. A report is created based on findings, and both service users and employees of the service meet at a dialogue conference to discuss and find solutions.


KBT mainly conducts qualitative research. We are the lead or co-lead of several ongoing research projects. Please contact us for possible research collaborations, or if you want advice on how to include co-researchers in your project. 

Lectures and webinars

We offer lectures and webinars about service user involvement, substance abuse issues, mental health work, ethics and other related subjects. We can also present our research and evaluations. 

Lectures can be customized. We are well versed in hosting webinars.

Service user innovation

We create arenas where service users can bring forward ideas and suggestions. We create service user pannels to facilitate discussions about issues regarding services. We often do this in combination with Peer Asks Peer. 


We offer different courses to enable and empower service users, relatives, health care workers, peer workers and service user representatives. 

User involvement in research

Peer Support Specialist – experience as a profession

Process manager - User interviews user

Dialogue meetings in municipalities

We visit municipalities in Central Norway. We facilitate conversations about recovery and service user involvement. A conversation across the table can be a step in the right direction towards better collaboration between the lived experience and professional perspective. 



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