Collaboration on user-driven innovation and service development in the municipality of Trondheim

Project Manager: Dagfinn Bjørgen

Project Team Members: Karl Johan Johansen and Ingvild M. Kvisle

The goal of the project is to develop and describe new ways of service innovation and user driven innovation. We want to develop services based on the recovery philosophy and what feels helpful and supportive from a user perspective. The mapping phase of the project was conducted in 2016-2017, with a User Interviews User-evaluation in the municipality. The project involves three of the municipality’s units; the unit for mental health and substance abuse, the unit for substance abuse services and the unit for meeting places and housing for people with mental health problems.

Steering committee meetings have been conducted throughout the project period. The steering committee consists of representatives from both KBT and Trondheim municipality.

We have established a peer panel in the project. The peer panel consists of people with service user experience from different mental health and substance abuse services. The panel has discussed the municipal services, hereunder subjects as the availability of the services. A dialogue conference was held the 20th of September 2017, where KBT presented the results from the User Interviews User-evaluation, and the peer panel presented their report for the municipality. The report is published on KBTs webpage.

At this time we are working on several continuations of the project. We are doing a User Interviews User-survey of the assisted housing in Jarleveien 10.