Recovery – courses and education

Text by Christina Kildal og Elisabeth Asphaug Rauboti. Translated by: Anne R. Benschop and Christina Kildal

Training, education, courses and lectures about recovery

Knowledge of recovery is included in many educations in the healthcare sector. Here are some studies in Norway that focus specifically on recovery:


Courses and lectures

  • KoRus [Competence center for substance abuse], Western Stavanger – Offers lectures for employees in the field of substance abuse and mental health.
  • RIO [Interest Organization for Addicts] – A nationwide user organization founded in 1996. The organization offers lectures and education in topics related to service users and patients with mental health and substance abuse problems. Key topics are self-help and coping, substance abuse and injury reduction, motivation and resistance, how to meet the service user/patient etc.
  • MARBORG – Offers education and guidance for healthcare services and employees in the field of substance abuse, about user involvement at a system level, user-driven measures, work and activities.
  • Skolen for Recovery [The School for Recovery] (Denmark) – Free courses for service users/patients, relatives and employees in the Hospital about acquiring knowledge and skills in recovery. This concept exists in several regions. The themes are inspired by the CHIME model (connectedness, hope, identity, meaning, empowerment), and contributes to learning, sharing experiences, co-creation, empowerment, hope and new opportunities.
  • The Regional Peer-driven Centers – read more below.