User Interviews User-evaluation – Transportation and the road to immediate admissions in the psychiatric care and substance abuse clinic, the University Hospital of North Norway

A User Interviews User-evaluation was comissioned by the University Hospital of North Norway (UNN HF) in the project “Transport av alvorlig psykisk syke i UNN HF 2015/2016” [Transportation of severely mentally ill in UNN HF 2015/2016].

The topic of the evaluation was “What are patients’ experiences with the services in immediate admissions in mental health care?” The local hospital area of UNN HF is Troms and Ofoten, and in addition UNN HF has an acute mental health care function for all of Finnmark and Svalbard. There is a wide spread population in the region, which causes a need for good means of transportation.

21 patients admitted to the acute mental health care clinic were interviewed about their experiences with “the road to immediate admission in mental health care”. There was a dialogue conference with involved services and patients’/service users’ organizations, where a preliminary report was discussed, and more feedback about the services were collected.

More information about the survey can be found on UNN HFs webpage (in Norwegian): Evaluering av “Bruker Spør Bruker”-undersøkelse.



Annika Alexandersen
Astrid Weber
Ann Kirsti Brustad
Dagfinn Bjørgen

Report in Norwegian

Bruker Spør Bruker – Transport av psykisk syke UNN HF 2016