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Need somebody to lecture about subjects such as Recovery or user involvement at your webinar?

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Dagfinn Bjørgen (image)

Dagfinn Bjørgen, CEO

Dagfinn lectures on

  • Recovery in a user perspective
  • What is good quality in mental health and substance abuse related work, in a user perspective?
  • Alternatives to coercion in mental health care

Juni Raak Høiseth, Project Coordinator

Juni lectures on

  • User involvement in research
  • Youth user involvement
  • "pakkeforløp" (patient pathway) for mental health and substance abuse
  • eating disorders
Juni Høiseth (image)
Erlend Wormdahl (image)

Erlend Daaland Wormdahl, music therapist

Erlend lectures on

  • Music thearapy in mental health and substance abuse care
  • User involvement in music therapy within mental health and substance abuse care

Geir Draghi Småvik, Project Team Member

Geir lectures on

  • Concurrent substance abise and mental health disorders
  • Facilitation of user services in municipalities
  • involuntary comittment of patients
    • prevention
    • consequences
Geir D. Småvik (image)


Dagfinn Bjørgen (image)


We have extensive experience with lectures and dissemination. We collaborate on conferences, meetings and courses, and are happy to contribute with input on topics in our field.

Lightbulb (image)


All our lectures can be offered as webinars. We have good experience with the use of tools such as Zoom and Teams.

Classroom (image)


KBT collaborates with NTNU and Nord Universitet on teaching for master's students in mental health work. We would gladly offer teaching arrangements for your school / educational institution.


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