Talks and presentations

Det friske i det syke

In “Det friske i det syke” by Juni Raak Høiseth, issues pertaining to mental health and eating disorders are highlighted through a “performative documentary lecture”. The lecture/play is about the recovery-journey of Juni, who has gathered together pages from her old diary, literary texts, and notes from her former therapists’ medical journals from the time of her treatment. The juxtaposition illustrates a meeting between a lived life and a system. The goal is to convey a lived experience that can inspire reflection and debate around the topics being highlighted.

“Det friske i det syke” explores the relationship between art, communication and education. The hope is that professionals are moved in such a way that they feel they have gained something they can take with them in their work.

The lecture/play has been performed in various educational contexts, in front of students; health personnel, and people that are either directly involved, or generally concerned with questions tied to mental health.

Lecture on user involvement and User Interviews User

We offer lectures on several different topics related to user involvement, and substance- and psychiatric treatment.

Some of our lectures are:

  • User involvement in research
  • User involvement at both a systemic and an individual level
  • Experiences with User Interviews User – what do users view as good quality in mental health   care?
  • Alternatives to coercive treatment

Per need, we can adapt topics and form for the lecture within the areas of user involvement, mental health, substance abuse etc, in a user perspective. We can also put forward results from different research- and evaluation projects we have participated in.

KBT’s lecturers are Dagfinn Bjørgen, Juni Raak Høiseth, Heidi Westerlund, Christina Kildal and Ingvild M. Kvisle.

Subject lunches

“Subject lunches” is a new consept that KBT started with in 2017. This consept consists of one of KBT’s employees or an external person lecturing about a subject that is relevant and important for KBT’s work. We reflect together about the subject to learn from each other and to spread KBT’s knowledge. In 2017 subject lunches about social entrepreneurship, ethics and judgement, innovation and practical knowledge were held. We are continuing with this consept in 2018 and will invite to new, interesting subject lunches. We gather over a lunch to reflect and learn together.

Contact us for more information on lectures from KBT.