FIRE – One Step Further

KBT employees together with FIRE’s Ove Wigum (bottom left) and Ingvild Sellereite (top right)

KBT has initiated a collaboration with the foundation FIRE.

FIRE was founded in 2008 by Wenche Slemmelid Olsen and Terje Stølan. The two shared a desire to provide a social and sports-oriented service to people struggling with addiction, and others who may want a safe, abstinent environment. They had worked together previously in low threshold services, and became inspired by the positive effect the service had on the participants. Access to an activity-based social community seemed for many to fill a void.

– We also took notice to how close one got to the users, Terje says. – In order to help people, you have to get to know them.
Terje thinks sports are a great arena for creating a social fellowship, if handled correctly.

Peer involvement is important to the foundation, and the workers keep a close relationship with the participants through activities, social gatherings, and private conversations.

– Fire works for wholesomeness, Wenche explains. – In order to get ahead in society, you need to have the basics in order. We wish to assist people in what it takes to get “one step further”, whether it be housing, economy, or education.

FIRE offers a long line of different activities: football, bike riding, skiing, climbing, exercise, floorball, and several others. The program is tailored so that everyone can take part, regardless of physical fitness or skill.

– We keep our focus on shared activities in a mutual, supporting environment. Getting out and doing things you’ve never done, and perhaps never even thought you’d be able to do, will create a feeling of mastery and hope, which in turn makes it easier to overcome personal hurdles.

FIRE has stations in Trondheim and Kristiansund.

For more information, contact:

Wenche Slemmelig Olsen:
404 67 076

Terje Stølan
996 17 930