User Participation Resource Group

Illustrasjon - hender som holder hver sin puslespillbrikke

KBT has partnered with LPP, RiO, Mental Helse, and A-Larm to form a resource group to reinforce user participation in mental health and substance abuse services. The group aims to develop and offer educational resources and seminars to enhance user and relative involvement in service development and implementation.

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There is Almost Always Room for Involvement

Bilde av Juni Raak Høiseth, ungdommer i ressursgruppe Håkon og Oliver samt forsker Petter Viksveen

The “Room for Involvement” project, led by Juni Raak Høiseth and supported by Stiftelsen Dam, aims to enhance user participation in mental health services for children and youth. It focuses on collaborative solution-finding between healthcare staff and youths, incorporating their insights into a guide for practitioners to be published in 2024. The project has engaged minority and transgender youth in dialogue to tailor interventions and services to diverse needs.

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