Guidance for Peer Supporters

Project Team Members: Dagfinn Bjørgen, Katie Wikstrøm and Anne Hirrich 


About  the guidance

The last years, the profession of peer supporters in Norway has grown. Several peer supporters are employed in the municipalities, although there is room for more as we see it. Peer supporters reports that there are some challenges working in a quite new profession, among more established profession in the health sector. They often are the only peer supporter at the work space, and some feel they're a bit alone at work, being the only person with their role.

KBT offers a group based guidance for peer supporters. The purpose is to take care of the interests of the peer supporters, as well as to ensure a good professional development.

The guidance groups seeks to be a meeting spot for peer supporters, where they safely can reflect and discuss incidents from work. Togheter, we will identfy various issues, as well as share experiences from working life.