Evaluation of assisted housing and “mestringsteam” – Trondheim municipality

Project Leader: Ingvild M. Kvisle

Towards the end of 2018 KBT was commissioned to do a User Interviews User-survey in Trondheim Municipality. We were to interview people living in assisted housing, people being assisted by the mastery team, and people who previously lived in assisted housing, but have moved out and are now only using the “mestringsteam”. The “mestringsteam” is an ambulatory team that helps people who are moving from assisted living to independent living, and help prevent people having to move to assisted living in the first place.

In the project we are exploring the interviewees views regarding being in recovery and being in charge of their own lives. Ottar Ness of NTNU has interviewed employees of the assisted housing and mastery team, and we are to compare the experiences of both groups.