Pilot: Peer supporters in dementia care

Project leader: Roger Santokhie

The relatives of people with dementia gain a unique competence that is difficult to get in other ways. In this project, we have hired 4 (former) relatives to persons with dementia as Peer Support Workers, in the municipalities Frøya and Indre Fosen.

In this project, we seek to prevent loneliness, and the main target group of this project, are the youngest group of persons with dementia.  User involvement are important in this project, and we have build the project around the phrase "what's important to you?" .

Financed by Statsforvalteren in Trøndelag and Helsedirektoratet. Originally, the funding lasted until autumn 2022. The first months have yielded promising results. The project has been granted funds to pay the experienced staff for a while longer.

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