Recovery HUBs

Project Manager: Karl Johan Johansen and Dagfinn Bjørgen

Project Team Members: Anne B. Plathe, Ingvild M. Kvisle and Christina Kildal

KBT, Sagatun Peer-driven Center, Vårres Regional Peer-driven Center, Bikuben Regional Peer-driven Center, ROM-Agder and are working to become Recovery hubs. The Recovery hubs will serve as resource- and competence bases for recovery. We want to achieve:

  • Recognition of recovery being a personal and social process
  • Actual recovery for users. Sensible resource usage in the services and recovery processes based on equality between service users and services
  • Recognition and utilization of recovery-based user knowledge
  • Good quality of life and a worthy life for people with psychosocial challenges

We wish to strengthen individuals and groups, prevent stigma and exclusion. We want to promote human rights, a worthy life and increased participation for everyone, through activities such as teaching, guidance, courses, tools, and collection and dissemination of user knowledge. We assist and collaborate with user organizations, competence centers, municipalities, health thrusts, universities and colleges to make lived experience the basis for recovery-based services and practices.

A webpage has been made to spread information about the Recovery Hubs: In 2018 we held a workshop where we invited collaborators for discussion about the role and tasks for Recovery hubs.

A final report marked the end of the project period, but we prolong our commitment to the Recovery hubs as a part of the regular work at the centers.