The availability project

Project Manager: Dagfinn Bjørgen

Since 1998 the User Interviews User-method has been used to collect the experiences from around 2000 users of different mental health care services. In 2013 the synthesis “Hva mener brukere av psykisk helsetjenester er en god tjeneste?” [What is a good mental health service according to service users?] was published in “Psykologtidsskriftet”.

Now we have started a comprehensive project to summarize data from 20 User Interviews User-evaluations of mental health services. Our goal is to formulate recommendations to services and to enable service user representatives to get documentation on the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to meeting service users’ needs.

In 2017 our main subjects were “medication” and “meeting places”. Two workshops were held and we are currently working on summarizing these to create recommendations. This project will continue over several years.