Resource Personnel

My Voice Matters’ Project Group

Bilde: Fra venstre: Liva Elvira Myrvold Nynes, Christina Kildal, Ellinor Elvrum Evensen og Johanne Bakken Moe.

Image: The project group: Liva Elvira Myrvold Nynes, Christina Kildal, Ellinor Elvrum Evensen and Johanne Bakken Moe.

The project My Voice Matters has five volunteering adolescents who all have a background with receiving mental health services; Johanne Bakken Moe, Liva Elvira Myrvold Nynes, Ellinor Elvrum Evensen and Christina Kildal. In addition to planning and conducting this project, they also function as resource personnel and consultants for KBT in matters regarding children and adolescents.

Verktøykassa for brukermedvirkning

Image: Nina Vesterdal and Ragna Vorkinnslien, who offer Verktøykassa courses. In the middle Anders B. Asphaug, our former course developer.

Image: Conducters in the Toolbox

Image: Conducters in Verktøykassa for brukermedvirkning. Ragna Vorkinnslien and Eirin Yvonne Eriksen.

Ragna Vorkinnslien, Nina Vesterdal and Eirin Yvonne Eriksen hold various courses in Prosesslederkurs [the Toolbox for user participation].

Britt Inger Johansen

Bilde: Britt Inger Johansen

Image: Britt Inger Johansen.

Britt-Inger Johansen has been a volunteer for many years. In KBT she is a volunteer project team member doing User Interviews User-evaluations.

Britt Inger has a Cand.polit. [master’s degree] in regional planning from the University of Tromsø. She has been employed with NAV [the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration], where she worked with people with mental health problems. Britt Inger has worked on numeral projects within mental health care through being self-employed. Britt Inger has also experienced being a close relative to someone struggling with their mental health for many years.

Trond Eirik Plathe

Image: Trond Eirik Plathe.

Trond Eirik Plathe is our right hand in web design and maintenance on our WordPress webpage. If the code does`nt code, the buttons fail, or Anne and Ingvild manage to delete everything on the webpage, Trond is the knight in shining armor.

Michelle Bradley Eilertsen

Image: Michelle Bradley Eilertsen.

Michelle Bradley Eilertsen has been involved with KBT in several years through peer panel in the collaboration project with Melhus municipality. She also participates in the work with recovery, among other things she is in the working group for Recoverynettverk i Midt-Norge [Recovery network in Central Norway].