The first vocational school for peer support in Norway

During fall 2019, the Competence center for lived experience and service development (KBT) got accredited vocational school education. The school is accredited by NOKUT (the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education). The education gives a certificate with 60 ECTS credits. Students who complete the courses will therefore get merit and admission into higher education.

The vocational school for peer supporters in the field of mental health and addiction problems is an education program that provides both theoretical and practical competence based on the use of personal experience in helping and empowering others. There are no formal admission criteria from education other than self-experience from receiving health and welfare services in mental health and addiction problems.

The education qualifies people with personal experience as service users to be able to apply their experience in working with other service recipients. The education does not lead to an authorization as an experience consultant. After completing their education, students will be able to work as an experienced consultant in mental health and care services in the municipality or specialist health service. The school gives merit to higher education. 

The program is offered as a full-time study through 1 year, or as a part-time study of 2 years. The education is online-based with 3 theory courses and 2 practical training courses. Practice with guidance constitutes 50% of the study. people with relevant job experience may get this evaluated and approved as a practice. There will be 8 gatherings distributed throughout the year, in addition to the online teaching and student activities.

In connection with the admission, KBT is conducting conversations with the applicants which form the basis for prioritization for study admission. If needed, the conversation can be done digitally through video.