User Interviews User evaluation – Opportunities for implementing growth and coping groups

In 2011 KBT conducted an evaluation of Mental Heath Competence’s  “Vekst- og mestringsprosjekter” [Growth and Coping projects]. Group leaders, researchers and leaders of Mental Health Competence took part in the evaluation.

The project “Vekst og Mestring” [Growth and Coping] experimented with the model “ledet selvhjelp” [led self-help] that was to contribute to personal growth and self-help amongst young people.

The goal with the evaluation was to find opportunities for the method “Vekst og Mestring” to be spread. NASEP [Now: National Center for Service Experience in Mental Health] wanted a review of the pilot project in regard to what worked well and what challenges a broader implementation of the model might meet.

One of the findings in the evaluation was the importance for the participants to be well prepared before taking part in the groups, including knowing beforehand what the groups consist of.


Dagfinn Bjørgen
Heidi Westerlund


Report in Norwegian:
Implementeringsmuligheter for vekst- og mestringsgrupper (2011)