User Interviews User- Sagatun brukerstyrt senter [peer driven centre]

Sagatun brukerstyrt senter (peer driven center) is one of the five peer driven centers in Norway. Sagatun offers music and creative workshops, low treshold work training, recovery workshops and “verktøykassa” courses (toolbox courses). The project was requested by Sagatun brukerstyrt senter.

In total, nineteen of the centers users and four representatives from cooperative bodies where interviewed about their experiece with Sagatun. We asked the participants about their experience with influence and involvement, information and reception, collaboration between Sagatun and other instances, volunteering and requirements, and about motivation and empowerment related to recovery/ recovery processes.

07.09.17 we gathered service users, employees and collaborators to a dialoque conference at Sagatun to discuss the findings from our evaluation and further development opportunities.


Christina Kildal
Dagfinn Bjørgen
Ingvild M. Kvisle


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