User Interviews User – Stiftelsen Et skritt videre (FIRE)

In 2016 the foundation Et skritt videre (FIRE) [One step further (FIRE)] started a collaboration with KBT to conduct a member survey with the User Interviews User-method. The findings from the survey show that FIRE’s physical activities and voluntary work represents an important supplement to the ordinary services for people who want to go one step further.

In the survey FIRE is descibed as a leisure that feels safe. The survey also shows that:

  • FIRE offers a broad range of physical activities for its members, where most people will find something suiting them.
  • The members mainly relate to FIRE and the activites of FIRE, because it is voluntary and tailor-made after what the members want.
  • The members gain personal growth through getting in better physical shape, gaining confidence and new skills.
  • FIRE represents a substance abuse free alternative, that is important to many.


Heidi Westerlund
Ingvild M. Kvisle



Bruker Spør Bruker, Stiftelsen Ett skritt videre (2017)