The CHIME project

Project Team Managers: Dagfinn Bjørgen og Anne Hirrich

Main goal: to improve knowledge about recovery at the system level, how to implement, organize, and operate recovery-oriented services in Norway.

Pilot project

This was a pilot projcet, and have lead to a new project, CHIME 2.0 (Recovery-oriented Training Courses).

In this research project we aim to explore and enhance the value of using the CHIME framework, and recovery-thinking/principles for transforming recovery-orientation of organizations, and improving the mental health and well-being of citizens by identifying what works, for whom and in what circumstances. CHIME stands for Connectedness, Hope, Identity, Meaning and Empowerment.

Although recovery as a term, process and facilitation at the individual level is well known, there is still a lack of understanding about how this plays out at the system level.

Literature review and case study

In the pilot, we looked at challenges and instigators when implementing recovery oriented practices in Norwegian health services. The project did a systematic litterature review lead by Mary Leamy and a case study.

In the case study, we did 11 indiviual interviews and 15 focus group interviews. In the interviews we talked  to bot leaders, employees and users of the services. The interviews had three main themes:

  • knowledge and understanding of Recovery and the CHIME model
  • how they described the organizations recovery oriented practices
  • reflections about possible barriers and instigators when implementing recovery oriented practices in the organizations.



In this first fase of the project, one article have been published:

Leamy, M., Foye, U., Hirrich, A., Bjørgen D., Silver, J., Simpson, A., Ellis, M., & Johan-Johanson. KA systematic review of measures of the personal recovery orientation of mental health services and staff. Int J Ment Health Syst 17, 33 (2023).




News about the project:

The CHIME project – International collaboration with King’s College London