Medication-free treatment

Project Manager: Dagfinn Bjørgen

Project Team Members: Annika Alexandersen, Ingvild M. Kvisle, Anne B. Plathe, Juni Raak Høiseth and Christina Kildal

KBT has been commissioned by the regional health authorities to evaluate the medication-free treatment services. The goal was to map the patients’ experiences and views. We have been looking into whether the service has met the patients’ needs, wishes and expectations. What are good approaches to drug-free mental health care, and how do the referral process, availability, treatment interventions and participation overall influence the servicer?

Reports about medication-free treatment in Norway

We have published two reports in this project:

  • In 2018 we published the first report in this evaluation, which contains an overview and assessment of the implementation of the drug-free units. Click here to read the report in Norwegian.
  • In 2020 the second report were published (abstract in english). This contains our findings after interviewing 33 patients about how they experienced theire treatment.