Peer Supporters in municipal mental health and substance abuse services, Trondheim municipality

Project Manager: Dagfinn Bjørgen

Project Team Members: Marthe Siira, Ingelin Anderssen and Ingvild M. Kvisle

This was a collaboration between KBT and Trondheim municipality. The goal was to strengthen the collaboration between employees in the services and service users through better understandings of communication and recovery. Two peer supporters have been employed in KBT, but their day to day work is within the municipality.

The peer supporters have different tasks and work areas. Marthe Siira works with following up people that receive support from the Recovery Team. She also partakes in talks and presentations about the team’s work. Ingelin Anderssen works in municipal housing through contact with residents. This means conversations, help with practical tasks or other things that the residents need support for. The peer supporters also partake in office meetings and strategy work in KBT