User-driven innovation process in Melhus municipality

Project Manager: Karl-Johan Johansen and Anne R. Bencshop

Peer panel: Sissel Smistad, Michelle Bradley Eilertsen, Nils Magne Røstum, May-Helen Erdal , Jeanette Myren and Lorentz B. Westrum

As a part of the partnership with Melhus municipality KBT is running a project called user-driven innovation process for the municipality in 2015, 2016, 2017, and a continuation in 2018. In december 2015, a peer panel were established consisting of participants from each of the three services: mental health service, substance abuse and measure service, and Idrettsveien housing unit. The goal of the peer panel and innovation workshops is to develop topics and issues relevant to the municipality`s service development, and for the employees developing an understanding of user involvement. Another goal of establishing a peer panel is to recruit and educate resource people who want to participate in the panel and in long term contribute and influence the services in the municipality.

This project are going to work with user experiences as a premise for the innovation and planning of units in the municipality. In this project, we have worked with issues that were enhanced in the User Interviews User evaluation, as a continuation and implementation of the findings. Surveys concering information routines and low-threshold services in the municipality have been conducted, and these are two of the sources forming a report from the peer panel about key areas of improvement for the mental health and substance abuse services. The report is handed over to the municipality, containing recommendations for desirable changes for the service.