User empowerment and competence development in Melhus Municipality

Project Manager: Heidi Westerlund

Project Team Members: Anne Benschop, Ingvild M. Kvisle and Dagfinn Bjørgen

Together with Malvik municipality, Melhus municipality is a part of ”good patient pathways for users with mental health problems and/or substance abise problems”. The municipality and KBT sent a application for funding a user survey and development o fuser involvement in the municipality. We have also concluded an agreement of partneship for the collaboration. In 2017, the main measure were a three day course in user involvement for employees and users. Here, the participants got an introduction to five themes: recovery and salutogenesis, personal dissemination of experiences, ”Det friske i det syke”, user-driven services and research on user involvement, and ”FIT Feedback Oriented Services”. About 20 participants followed through the course. Also, in summer and autumn of 2017, a short user survey was carried out at ”Potten-treffet” (a low-threshold service in the municipality). In 2019 a conference about recovery oriented services was held in the municipality.