User Interviews User evaluation – Haltdalen District Psychiatric Center (DPS) Sør-Trøndelag

As requested by St. Olavs Hospital, and the municipalities in the region, KBT completed a User Interviews User on Haltdalen District Psychiatric Center in 2012.

15 respondents were interviewed. The main focus of the report was to promote the experiences of the patients, and consider what needs may come in the future.

Access to physicians and psychiatrists were held as important, but not crucial for those with lingering mental issues. The 24-hour service works to create a positive frame of thinking for the patients. It also serves as a reliever for relatives and other dependents.

The informants feel the service works well, which lowers the threshold to make use of it. Self-referral admission is viewed as important. Everyone wanted to use the service closest by them in their regions, but experienced services with inconvenient opening hours, and poor flexibility.

Haltdalen DPS has created an effective service with low amounts of coercion. The personnel keep a good attitude, and time for longer conversations. These are important considerations which future health services in the region should take into account.

Dagfinn Bjørgen
Heidi Westerlund

Report in Norwegian:
Bruker Spør Bruker-evaluering – Tilbudet ved Haltdalen DPS og tilhørende kommuner – Brukernes erfaringer (2012)