User Interviews User Evaluation – Nærøy municipality

KBT was hired by Nærøy officials to conduct a UIU-survey of the services offered to users with mental health problems. The municipality worked with KBT to make a themeguide for the interviews, which included general questions about experiences, service user involvement, psychiatric work, service coordination, availability, living conditions, relatives, and many others. The eringquestions had, as always, an open form that allowed the users to report their own observations.

These were some of the crucial findings in the suvey:
The health services are described as satisfying. The psychiatric service is put in a positive light, while the service users reported mixed feelings towards the medical offices. Terms like “individual plan”, “responsibility group”, and “user involvement”, was little known to many of the service users. Nærøy seem to struggle to concretize how they ensure service user involvement.

The feed-back from the dependent-group tells us their role in everyday life can be challenging. Some wish the service providers would take note of this, and wish to be able to affect the users’ service.


Randi Røvik
Dagfinn Bjørgen


Report in Norwegian:
Bruker Spør Bruker-evaluering – Nærøy kommune (2008)