Visit from Canada

April 15th and 16th, Gillian Mulvale from Canada visited us at KBT to talk about the project “Canada-Norway Research Collaboration on Operationalizing Experience-Drive Innovation through Integration of Peer Support in Health Systems”.

Day 1 we looked at the different models for peer support and how peer support is organized in healthcare services in both countries. We also looked at guidance and training of peer support providers (PSPs), and whether we found the same challenges in Norway and Canada across the models. Even though there are some differences, we quickly noticed many similarities.

Day 2 we dived into the organizational aspects/structure of healthcare services in both countries, as well as how organizational framework and guidelines have influenced the development and implementation of peer support in mental healthcare. After a little walk in the sun, we talked about possible papers and articles based on our findings, and we made a plan for what we will focus on from here on out.

We thank Gillian for two great and productive days, and feel it has been rewarding to be able to meet face to face to talk about the status of this project!