Drug-free treatment – Fellesaksjonen’s demands

By Ingvild M. Kvisle | 20. March 2018

The 19th and 20th of March KBT was present at an interregional network meeting for the drug-free treatment services in Norway. KBT presented the preliminary results of our overview of the implementation of drug-free treatment services.

Study trip to Wales and London

By Ingvild M. Kvisle | 28. February 2018

Image: All study trip participants with Jas Johal from Reaching Out East, London in front with a checkered shirt. Since the summer of 2016 KBT has contributed to an Interreg collaboration about service innovation. The goal of the project is to exchange experiences with, develop and test methods and models for service innovation across the border…

Canada-Norway Research Collaboration on Operationalizing Experience-Drive Innovation through Integration of Peer Support in Health Systems

By Ingvild M. Kvisle | 29. November 2017

We propose conducting an exploratory policy case study where the case is defined as the integration of formalized/intentional peer support services within clinical services located in hospital, primary care and community settings. Formalized/intentional peer support refers to peer support services (either group or one-to-one) focusing on issues such as education, employment, mental health systems navigation,…

WAPR conference in Bergen

By Dagfinn Bjørgen | 5. May 2017

WAPR is an independent, international organization consisting of interdisciplinary health workers from the psychiatric field. The organization’s stated goal is the dissemination of principles and practices in psychosocial rehabilitation. May 3rd, WAPR held a conference in Bergen, and the topic was recovery. “Measuring recovery-related outcomes” was the title of Mike Slade’s lecture. Slade is a…

KBT-report referred to in new circular

By Dagfinn Bjørgen | 18. April 2017

Annika Alexandersen (left), and Astrid Weber (right), authors of the report “I fear I will never make it out of this”. KBT’s report “I fear I will never make it out of this” is used as part of the basis in the draft of a new circular for competency-based practice in psychiatric care. The User…

Global Trigger Tools – Improving Psychiatric Treatment

By Dagfinn Bjørgen | 20. March 2017

From the left: Ingvild M. Kvisle from KBT, Arne Okkenhaug (project manager and consultant in Nord-Trøndelag Hospital Trust), and Bodil Landstad (professor at Mittuniversitetet and representative in the project’s reference group). It’s important that people with user experience take part and influence where they can. This way, we can achieve a better health service for…

Eating Disorders – What the Patients Need

By anne.plathe | 20. March 2017

Left to right: Juni Raak Høiseth, Annika Alexandersen, Gunn Pettersen, and Dagfinn Bjørgen KBT and ROS have received support from the Norwegian ExtraFoundation for Health and Rehabilitation in order to conduct a UIU-survey. The project will examine what former patients view to be crucial needs prior to, during, and after undergoing treatment of eating disorders.…

FIRE – One Step Further

By lasse.barr | 20. March 2017

KBT employees together with FIRE’s Ove Wigum (bottom left) and Ingvild Sellereite (top right) KBT has initiated a collaboration with the foundation FIRE. FIRE was founded in 2008 by Wenche Slemmelid Olsen and Terje Stølan. The two shared a desire to provide a social and sports-oriented service to people struggling with addiction, and others who…