User Interviews User Evaluation – Inn På Tunet

Inn På Tunet (IPT) is facilitated and quality controlled welfare services in farms. The Programme Board and county governors in Central Norway contacted Mental Helse, who together with a user driven center in Central Norway did a user-survey of the services in five Inn På Tunet-farms. Dagfinn Bjørgen in Brukerstyrt senter in Central Norway led the work, and has together with Karl Johansen carried out the analyses the report is based on. The Programme Board and County Governor wished to map out how the services and user participation worked at the farms, as well as to contribute to development of these services. The evaluation was also to contribute to insight which could be utilized in other businesses in Trøndelag and other places in the country where Inn På Tunet has been implemented.

The different partners intentions with the projects were to a huge degree coinciding. Among the users, there were varying perceptions of the service´s goals in relation to work-preparation. There were in certain cases lesser connections between the farm’s production, and the service users´ efforts. The monetary payment was by some users described as miniscule. The service users felt the tasks were meaningful, but some of them felt more of a sense of belonging to a community, than a dedication to an individual plan for development.
The farms filled a central role in a personal sense of mastery.


Dagfinn Bjørgen
Karl Johan Johansen


Report in Norwegian:

Bruker Spør Bruker-evaluering – Inn på tunet (2007)