User Interviews User Evaluation – Psychiatric care, St. Olav’s Hospital

Mental Helse Midt-Norge requested an evaluation of psychiatric care, in which the goal was to strengthen the peer perspective in the service. The task was originally given to BSM Central Norway, later to KBT by chief of division Liv Sjøvold, and was a continuation from experiences from the project “Easier access to coordinated psychiatric service”. ESAU provided input in the making of the theme guide. ESAU is a cooperative body and reference group for research, evaluation, and competency working to develop the services in psychiatric welfare. The group consists of Trondheim, St. Olav’s Hospital, HiST, NTNU and Mental Helse Midt-Norge.

The service provided by St. Olav’s was perceived as necessary, and the users felt it as a huge help. The personnel are viewed as highly competent.
There were few users who had any knowledge of the term “service user involvement”, and many also lacked an individual plan. The patients’ relation to his contact personnel is being well preserved. Having the opportunity to meeting the same people, and maintain continuity throughout the treatment is very meaningful.
There has also been revealed several shortcomings in areas such as information, communication, and coordination.


Dagfinn Bjørgen
Heidi Westerlund


Report in Norwegian:
Bruker Spør Bruker-evaluering – St. Olavs Hospital HF Psykisk helsevern – Samhandling og kvalitet (2007)