User Interviews User Evaluation – Psychiatric Ambulant Rehabilitation Team (PART)

Effektiv samhandlingsutvikling (ESAU) is a group for research and development, who works to enhance the services for people with mental illness. KBT was asked by ESAU to perform an evaluation of the Psychiatric Ambulant Rehabilitation Team (PART), an outreach team in conjunction with St. Olav’s Hospital and Trondheim municipality. PART is meant to ensure quick assistance, enhance treatment and rehabilitation, and work towards a united and stable health service. The target demographic is people with severe need of mental health and social services, but for whom the “ordinary” services are not thought to be sufficient.

The service provides a sense of safety and alleviates social isolation and loneliness in everyday life. The users get assistance with practical problems, such as walking to the store or public offices.
Their relatives are satisfied and feel they are taken seriously by the PART-team. PART is an important tie between the special health service, and the municipality.



Dagfinn Bjørgen
Heidi Westerlund


Report in Norwegian:

Bruker Spør Bruker-evaluering – Psykiatrisk ambulant rehabiliteringsteam (PART) (2009)