User Interviews User Evaluation: The Follow-Up Services in the Districts of Lerkendal and Heimdal, Trondheim municipality

This User Interviews User Evaluation was comissioned by the Follow-Up Service in Trondheim municipality, the districts of Lerkendal and Heimdal. Eirik Roos on behalf of the City Manager and Stig Antonsen, leader of the Follow-Up Services, asked KBT to conduct a service user survey. This evaluation is of the experiences of service users of Heimdal’s and Lerkendal’s substance abuse and mental health services. The evaluation is mostly about service users with substance abuse problems and their experiences with the services.

Key questions in the evaluation have been:

  • What are the service users experiences of quality in the Follow-Up Services?
  • What differs the experiences of users of substance abuse services and users of mental health services?
  • What are strengths and weaknesses of the services?

Being followed-up often is an important motivation for receiving the Follow-Up Services. The Municipal Follow-Up Service is different from services within the Specialized Health Services, and the service users experience different ways of working and different types of competence in the Follow-Up services. Help with managing life problems, getting a broader understanding of their own problems and being understood when wanting more than medications and help with every day life is important.



Dagfinn Bjørgen
Heidi Westerlund
Eva Skånøy


Report in Norwegian:
Bruker Spør Bruker-evaluering – Oppfølgingstjenesten Lerkendal og Heimdal, Trondheim kommune (2010)