User Interviews User Evaluation – Heimdal Treffsted, Trondheim municipality

As part of the National Escalation Plan for mental health, and the desire to conduct a user survey,  the municipality of Trondheim has wanted to use the “User interviews User”-method. It is part of a cooperation agreement between Trondheim municipality and KBT for evaluation of the services at the three community centres- Veiskillet Treffsted, Heimdal Treffsted and Sommerstua Treffsted. The goal is to evaluate the services in the municipality of Trondheim from a service user perspective.

Primarily, the community centres have a social function for the participants. This is important for people in a situation where one is not at work, or has a place to go to during the day.  At the community centres one kan meet like-minded people, and get a social network. Some of the service users convey that it is reassuring to know that there are community centres to go to. They feel save knowing they can get support from the staff or peers at the community centre, in case their health would get worse. Several participants believe the service seems to prevent the need of inpatient treatment.

Heidi Westerlund

Report in Norwegian:
Bruker Spør Bruker-evaluering – Heimdal treffsted, Trondheim kommune (2008)