User Interviews User Evaluation: Stange municipality – Services for people with mental health problems

The User Interviews User evaluation of Stange municipality was a follow-up of a quantitative survey conducted by the municipality in 2005. The municipality had already conducted several qualitative service user surveys, of which the first one was conducted in fall 2002. 8 adults were interviewed, and the results from the survey were published in the report “Se oss inn i øynene” [Look us in the eyes].

In 2003 a qualitative survey was conducted amongst people in the municipalities of Hamar and Stange. The topics were service users’ experiences with information, communication and service user involvement. The results were published in the report “Sterk som en bjønn, lita som ei teskje” [Strong as a bear, small like a tea spoon] by Kårhild Husom Løken.

The goal with the User Interviews User evaluation in Stange was to get a qualitative take on the results from the quantitative survey from fall 2005. In addition the municipality wanted service users’ opinions for revising “Handlingsplanen for psykisk helse” [the Action Plan for Mental Health] from 2006-2010.

Another purpose of the survey was to gain experience with using the User Interviews User method as a tool for evaluating services, involving service users and using their experiences as ground for improving and developing municipal services.

Interviews with a total of 38 service users, one interview with employees of the municipal services and one interview with the service user organization in the region were conducted in April 2006. The participants in the interviews were recruted from different municipal services, amongst others community centres, ambulant services and housing services.

Dagfinn Bjørgen
Heidi Westerlund


Report in Norwegian:
Bruker Spør Bruker-evaluering av Stange kommune – Tjenester for mennesker med psykisk helseproblematikk (2007)