User Interviews User Evaluation – Overhalla municipality

This User Interviews User Evaluation was comissioned by Overhalla municipality. The main purpose of the evaluation was to get service users’ perspectives on the development of municipal services, what works well within the municipal services and what should be improved.

It differed from person to person how well known service users’ rights were. Few knew of the right to have a “ledsagerbevis” [a card that allows people in need of assistance to bring a person with them for free e.g. on the bus]. Many were pleased with the amount of information given to them, but it is important that information on rights, servises and so forth is given orally when needed. Brochures seem to get lost in a flood of information, if not given when needed. Peer support and information from other service users is an important source of information about rights and duties. The principle of Olav Duun upper secondary school was acknowledged for handling chrisis well.


Randi Røvik
Dagfinn Bjørgen
Mariann Gladsø
John Olav Reberg
Heidi Westerlund


Report in Norwegian:
Bruker Spør Bruker-evaluering – Overhalla kommune (2007)