User Interviews User-evaluation – Transportation and the road to immediate admissions in the psychiatric care and substance abuse clinic, the University Hospital of North Norway

A User Interviews User-evaluation was comissioned by the University Hospital of North Norway (UNN HF) in the project “Transport av alvorlig psykisk syke i UNN HF 2015/2016” [Transportation of severely mentally ill in UNN HF 2015/2016]. The topic of the evaluation was “What are patients’ experiences with the services in immediate admissions in mental health…

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User Interviews User

Logo for bruker spør bruker

UIU is designed to involve users in the work to improve upon the health- and social sector. The method is developed by Dagfinn Bjørgen and Heidi Westerlund in the project “Quality improvements through peer experience” from 1997 to 2000, and revolves around frequenters of health and social services undergoing training and developing competence in a…

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Userperspective in examination form at NTNU

Illustration photo

The Department of Mental Health at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at NTNU, Higher Education and Master of Mental Health Work, has since 2016 collaborated with the Competence Center for User Experience and Service Development (KBT) on exams

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GLIMT recovery center and School established in Trondheim

Logo of Glimt Recoverysenter (image)

The center has inspiration from the CHIME model (Leamy M. et al) and building a center that shall meet the needs of people with psychiatric health challenges or also drug addiction. The center shall be an arena for culture statement I various forms, shall be key identity a connection builder. To create music and poems…

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My Voice Matters – Evaluation of Team Children and Youth in Stange Municipality

Picture: From the left: Project Manager Juni Raak Høiseth and Project Team Members Ellinor Elvrum Evensen, Johanne Bakken Moe and Christina Kildal. Project Team Member Liva Elvira Myrvold Nynes was not present. In 2017, KBT recieved funding from Stiftelsen Dam through The Norwegian Council for Mental Health to continue the project My voice matters as…

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My Voice Matters – Evaluation of Children’s and Young People’s Psychiatric Out-Patient Clinic, Levanger Hospital

In 2017, KBT recieved funding from Extrastiftelsen through Rådet for psykisk helseto continue the project My voice matters as a three-year development project, where we are going to customize the User Interviews User (UIU)method for children and youth and their health services. In 2017, we evaluated the out-patient offer for service users between the ages of 12…

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User Interviews User-reports

Below are all KBTs published User Interviews User-reports. For a more thorough description of the projects, visit concluded projects. Visit User Interviews User for more information about the User Interviews User-method. 2019 Høiseth, J., Kildal, C., Moe, J. B., Evensen, E. E. & Nynes, L. E. M. (2019). Min Stemme Teller – Bruker Spør Bruker-evaluering…

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