User Interviews User Evaluation – Veiskillet Treffsted, Trondheim municipality

As part of the National Escalation Plan for mental health, the municipality of Trondheim has  wanted to use the “User interviews User”-method for Veiskillet Treffsted.

Among other things, the survey that was conducted in 2008 stated that the main function of Veiskillet was the social aspect, and that it helped to give the the paticipants a daily structur. It was said that the staff were informal, and that they almost could not know who were staff and who were service users. The service users of Veiskillet Treffsted experienced a high degree of service user involvement, both through influence on activities and through service user meetings. Mostly, new service users experienced  to be well recieved at Veiskillet, but it could be difficult to find out that the service actually existed. One issue raised was that there were insufficient activities adapted to men, and there were few male participants.

Heidi Westerlund

Report in Norwegian:
Bruker Spør Bruker-evaluering – Veiskillet treffsted, Trondheim kommune (2008)