User Interviews User Evaluation: The Follow-up Services in the districts of Østbyen and Midtbyen, Trondheim municipality

In 2009 KBT did a User Interviews User evaluation i collaboration with the Follow-Up Services in the Districts of Østbyen and Midtbyen in Trondheim municipality.

The service users expectations to the Follow-Up Services differed based on previous experiences with welfare serivces. It’s important to be aware of what the Follow-Up Services can contribute with. KBT recommends that the services are developed in collaboration between the service users and the employees of the service.

Many service users wished for a substance abuse free network. The Follow-Up Service can give service users information about different social and cultural services that the service users can take part in.

The service users should have an ownership of their treatment. Information about alternative treatments should be given so that service users can choose their own ways of recovery. It’s also important to make the services more available. Many service users have a need for economic aid, but the final goal should always be that service users gain economic independence.



Heidi Westerlund

Ola Kristian Johansen

Dagfinn Bjørgen



Bruker Spør Bruker-evaluering – Oppfølgingstjenesten Øst- og Midtbyen, Trondheim kommune (2010)